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Office Growth Sales & Service is established since year 2001 and has over 10 years experience in the time recorders industry. We are providing our services to numerous industries such as to commercial, electronics, hospitality, automotive, telecommunications, etc.

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Office Growth Sales and Service

have over 10 years of solid experience in the time recorders market. We established in the year 2001, we have been consistently serving many industries like banking and finance, commercial, automotive industries, hospitality, telecommunication and many others. We provide the best quality time recorders and we offer our customers a wide range of different time recorders.

Besides supplying our customers with the best quality products, we also strive to fully satisfy our customers through our efficient and timely service delivery. We have a well-trained and experienced sales team, which is committed to providing the most professional guidance and solutions for customers. We at Office Growth Sales and Service firmly believe that a transaction with the customer does not end with supply of the product to him. That is why we ensure that our after sales service is most efficient and prompt. We are always available for our customers to provide their valuable feedback to us and we are always willing to work towards improving our service and bettering our products.

We assure our customers of the most competitive pricing in the time recorders industry. There is immense competition in the time recorders market and our competitive and affordable prices are a main strategy to our surviving in this highly competitive market. Our competitive pricing strategy has proven to be a great success because our sales volume growth is parallel with the growth of this booming industry.

If you require good quality time recorders at affordable prices and that too delivered as promptly as possible then Office Growth Sales and Service is your one stop shop. With our great quality products and excellent customer service, we have been doing great business since our establishment. We contribute our immense success to our "customer dedicated" motto and our unmatched efforts to do better than before.